About Me

Untitled design-9Hi and Welcome to organized madness!  I am Yolanda this is my home away from home.  So I write, I read, I love my Southern Roots and the History in there, photography, and most importantly food.  I am single but I am not mingling, because I have so much to do!  One day I will take off my cape and mingle but for now, I’ll leave it on!

So my day job is OTA student at this great community college in Charlotte, North Carolina.  My full time job is mom to the Triple T’s.  They keep my mind busy and this parenting thing has no recipe especially when disability is involved.  It’s all 50% playing it by ear, 45% lucky pot shots, and 5% I’m certain is in a book somewhere that has yet to be written.

So there’s that, thats me.  So here are my favorite things, Food, wine, the warm Southern Sun on my face in the first days of Spring, the Carolina blue Sky, the smell of fall air early in the morning coming through my window.  I love fishing and just being lazy on a Summer day.
LKFOA has no recipe, it just serves as my place to share my thoughts and the insanity of my life.  I hope you enjoy.

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