Change is Difficult! ~Saturday Post~

For three years, I have been riding around in a sleek Dodge Magnum, Big Bertha.  She was a beauty.  She withstood her bangs, her hits, and she kept on ticking.  With my future heading in the direction of occupational therapy and knowing that my last two semesters, I could be placed in Fieldwork any where and my car did not get good gas mileage, she, Bertha, and her Hemi were not going to work forever.  Yet I still resisted the change.  When it comes to change, I have a hard time dealing with it.  I usually think out things and rationalize things before I go for them.  I got a phone call from a car dealership in late April about my vehicle and the possibility to trade it with no money down.  I thought about it, I looked over my options and I procrastinated.  The young man Marcus called more than once.  Even when my sister went in and purchased her Impala SS, I still didn’t think about buying another vehicle.  I thought of all of my plans that I had for my Magnum.  Which none of those plans included trading it.


At some point in time, I calculated what the cost would be to keep my car.  She is a good car, but she drinks gas.  Then I thought about what it would mean if I got a more gas efficient vehicle.  I looked around after the first phone call and evaluated my options and knew that a Toyota Prius was my choice.  I walked into the dealership yesterday, met with Jeff the manager and Paul my sales person (whom sold my sister her Impala SS) and began the process.  We had to drive a Jeep Commander (which is huge with three rows of seats)  from Charlotte, NC to Concord, NC to get her.  We arrived, traded the Commander for my Prius.  I was still unsure as to whether or not I would be able to walk away from the dealership with this vehicle with no money down.  That was the other catch, Marcus told me because I was an existing customer, I would walk out with any car I wanted at zero down, I just have to repeat that again because I still can’t believe it.  When I arrived at 4:45pm, which I told them that I would be there at 5:00pm, Marcus wasn’t there, but Paul was there.  Paul did a great job.  We joked and laughed, he looked at my current vehicle and took down information about it.  Jeff worked hard to work the numbers to where I could afford the vehicle and by nine last night, I was the owner of a 2010 Toyota Prius.  We did the run through, I had driven her from Concord to Charlotte and she drives like a dream.

Yet, change is difficult.  I woke this morning, looked out of the window and saw the Prius and not the Magnum, I felt sad because the Magnum had been with me for three long and difficult years, but the sadness passed quickly.  This car is a part of my future and I have to let go of my past.  Change is hard to deal with and it is hard to accept sometimes, but as I rode around in her (her name has not been picked yet) I began to feel more confident with my decision.  I felt more confident in the direction that my future is heading.

I say if you are like me, embrace change.  I still don’t like change and fear rejection but as I have gotten older, I have been able to deal with these things.  Writing also helps because it’s cathartic to express my fears and deal with them through words.  Give it a try, it’s awesome.  Change is coming to grips that things can not stay the same always.


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