Why I Volunteer

So this week I have had this conversation several times.  I made the statement that “I don’t mind volunteering, I don’t always need to be paid to feel a sense of accomplishment.”  The person I was talking to began to feel my forehead to see if I had a fever.  No I don’t mind volunteering for a worthy cause because at the end of the day, if we don’t do it, who will.  I believe that we can change the world one volunteer at a time.  I don’t think that in my present life, that I have been as blessed and fortunate as I have been because I did not give my time to others.  I think that volunteerism makes for a terrific person that they would give selflessly of their time and energy to help someone else.  I was raised to take care of others and I think that’s what I do with the countless organizations that I volunteer for.  From the Democratic party, to donations of excess items to others and to the food bank, to my work with the United Nations Foundation Shot@Life initiative, I feel that these things align with my beliefs.  The list is just a few people who I work with.  The list goes on and on.

In 2011 when my job ended, I did what every parent does, I went out and searched for a new job.  One day I realized that the excess time that I was spending doing nothing could be channeled into helping others.  I have always given of my time, but I have more so now than I ever have.  Volunteering not only helps build strong character, it also looks great on a resume.  Filling in space when you are not employed or you are underemployed makes a significant difference than having huge blanks.  Even while getting an education, volunteering or as we refer to it, “Service learning”, makes a stronger student.  It’s a win win for the community as well as for the student.  So this summer, I am not going to travel, but I’m going to volunteer where I can.  I am going to spend time showing my children the beauty of the reward of giving and expecting nothing in return.  What better gift right?


One thought on “Why I Volunteer

  1. I did the same thing, the volunteering thing. I stopped working nearly 18 years ago when my second child was born with special needs. She needed my full attention and so much time to run her to appointments. When she started school, my schedule shifted and she needed so much less. So, I volunteered. I volunteered for everything and totally burned out. I am much more careful about how I give away my time. It’s something of value and any minute I give away needs to be carefully spent. But, when I do, I give it freely and wholly!

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