Wednesday Book Review


I am happy to have received and reviewed the title, Simply Rejoicing: 12 Months with God, by Patsy Lewis. The book is created to be enjoyed through out an entire year, but once you pick it up you almost want to complete it in one sitting. It’s meant to bring your attention and focus to your relationship with God. Each month focuses on something different. The book is a tool that was created to not only make you focus on your relationship, but to force you to examine in detail the Trinity.

This book came at a great time when I was struggling with who I was as a person. I know what my title is and as I speed through my day, I did not stop to take one second to enjoy God’s goodness. Not taking the chance to slow down and look at the beauty of a new day, rain or shine, and take a moment to be still and learn from the teachings of God, has not occurred since I was a child in church. You forget how peaceful it is to take a moment and examine you relationship with God and to be able to sit and say out loud “I know I’m not perfect. I know I back slide, but I’m trying.” Often our worlds are so busy that we do not take time to stop and do what we need to do for our spirituality and this book makes you stop and observe and listen to the voice within yourself as you become reacquainted with your faith in a way you never imagine.

The one constant in this book is that the author is candid about her own life and journey. This me gave a moment to reflect on my own 34 years of life in a way that I have not reflected in the past. This book is a road map to not only find your way back to God, but it is a great way for individuals to explore and to find their own Holy Spirit and to open up and receive the message that God has provided for them through Mrs. Lewis’ writing.

This is my first book review and I will be reviewing books for my blog this summer, but this book was the perfect book for me to read and explore and think about. What I also enjoy about this book is the scripture journey that you are taken on. As a person that was raised in the church, there are scriptures that I have forgotten about and have enjoyed rediscovering in this Simply Rejoicing. The break down of each section leaves you to do the easy work. The interactive portion of this book begins with the reflection, followed by the scriptures you will be reading for the month, then the scripture you need to memorize, suggestions for the reader, and then a section for reflection insights. This book is not only a journey to rediscovering your spirituality, but it is also a book where you can write down your thoughts and prayers.

In closing, Simply Rejoicing reminds me of so many things that I had forgotten about myself. This year has been about self discovery for me and doing the work on finding out what makes me happy, but also doing the work to figure out what makes me spiritually whole is part of that work and this book has been insightful.


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