Finals Week Oh My!



I have learned more than ever this semester that in order to be a great practitioner, you have to be compassionate and up for anything.  I am an OTA student.  I am the parent of two children on the Autism Spectrum.  I am a blogger.  I am a change agent.  I am an advocate.  To be a great practitioner, I have to be compassionate, understanding, and pay attention to details.  OTA school has taught me a great deal about myself and my learning style.  It has taught me that though I am good at working in teams, I have to take a step back and let others lead.  I have learned that I need to realize that everyone doesn’t think like me and to them the glass is not just a glass with water in it, it’s either half empty or half full.  I have learned that in order to be a great practitioner, I have to accept constructive criticism and make changes when necessary and always listen.

This week was finals week.  I started out this week with a blog that went silent on Friday due to a technical glitch that took me forever to figure out why my post were being erased before I even got them uploaded.  Then Monday, problem fixed, but still there was work to do on assignments and study for test and get prepped for finals, MMT, ROM, these were terms that swam through my head.  Even having a nightmare that I was trapped in a hurricane and refused to leave a collapsing building because my MMT was not done.  Yeah, that intense.  Becoming anything that you are not used to is an intense and emotional journey.  It’s about growth as  a person, as a student, and most of all, it’s about riding the waves of emotions, the peaks and valleys as they come and doing it with style and grace.  I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, I look many days like the second owl up there, but I still manage to walk back through the door ready for the next challenge.  To be great at anything, you have to be prepared for what you are going to learn along the way.

So I say to any college student no matter what age, I am completing my first year in OTA school.  If I can do it with all of the challenges I face, you can do it too!  (It also doesn’t hurt to have great theme music.)


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