Autism Awareness 2014

Autism Awareness month 2014 is at its end.  I have shared some wonderful insights including from my friend Lyssa, a teacher in Georgia, my friend Kristina shared about her son, and my friend Becca shared about ABA therapy.  Today, I want to post a video and then tell you my thoughts and feelings.  Bear with me, but it’s worth a watch if you have not seen it before.

This video makes me sad and also makes me feel blessed at the same time.  I have two children on the spectrum and I have a village of people who have invested in my children to this point.  I have a state that is invested in my children.  I have a family invested in my children.  I also have many of the fears that these parents have.  My children are great, but I have to be more hyper aware like these parents to deal with people not understanding why my son stims.  My children are main streamed and I’m fortunate that they have wonderful teachers, they have wonderful support staff, and wonderful principals.  But I hear so many parents with school stories like the parents on this video.  So I’m ending Autism Awareness Month on LKFOA with this video because not all stories are the same.  Once you meet one child with Autism, you have met one child with Autism.


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