Why Do I Share My Life?

I keep telling people  my family would be great for a reality TV show.   I had a friend that had not visited my pages and decided to visit this week and she asked me “Why do you share your life? It has to be daunting to be so open all the time.” I share my life so that people can laugh with me and sometimes at me. Life is difficult already and we add to that when we get married, have children, go to college, get our first jobs, and deal with the public in general. Then add a splash of Autism, ADD, ADHD, and a Mood Disorder and you have organized insanity.

So why do I share my life. I will preface this statement by saying that I am not a Mommy Blogger. I hate that phrase. Just because I’m a mom and I blog does not make me a Mommy Blogger. I don’t think there is a description for the type of blogging that I do, I just write what I feel when I feel it. I think that it’s important for people to understand what it is like to be me. I think it is doubly important for people to know that have children like mine that they are not alone. Sometimes it takes the words and thoughts of others that say “Hey, you are not alone and everything will be fine as soon as you figure out how to get the wet toilet paper off the ceiling (true story).” It’s like the show Hoarders. You watch the show sometimes to realize that the week that you don’t feel like cleaning up your children’s mess, your house is really not that dirty. My life is that moment when you realize your children, your life, is really not that bad. I am not saying that my life is bad. It is stressful, it is difficult, it is just down right hard, the majority of the time it is hard for me to understand how I accomplish so much in so little time with so much going on. Even though Autism brings a need for consist schedules and foods, things still change with them and as a parent, I have to run and play catch up. So I sometimes think that by sharing my experiences, if another parent sees those changes in their child, it helps them understand and know that I’ve gone through it and this is how I’ve coped.

I have always thought that writing is cathartic. It has always been my one great coping strategy. I have been writing since I was in the second grade. Then I wrote whatever my imagination dreamed up, but today, I just look around and listen at my kids, friends, and others for blog fodder. Most of the time, it’s about my life, my feelings, and what I think of present situations in my life, in the world, and the causes that I believe in. So why do I share my life, because in this life, we have a plan sometimes and when that plan does not go as we envision it, it is a good thing to have a place to put it so others can maybe glimmer a lesson from your mistake or just learn in general because life is hard and not everything ahs to be a learning experience. My life, I feel, sometimes, is that great teachable moment that no one prepares for. So I hope this answers D’s question.



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