Words of Wisdom- Autism Evolution

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but life happens right.  Well, this week, I have had to give people words of wisdom when it comes to my son.  “Just Go With It!”  My son, my dear sweet sweet boy, is having a difficult time right now.  We have experienced a great bit of regression.  His self-help skills are coming back, but now we are struggling to get through a school day without getting too terribly emotional.  On top of this, he is a “ladies man” and he will tell you this and we have had to come up with new mantras to keep him from blowing kisses at girls, asking for phone numbers, and writing notes in class.  Yeah, my ten-year old socially awkward Autism baby did that this week.  Autism is an evolving creature.  I often repeat that once you have met once child with autism, you have met one child with autism.  No two children have the same characteristics even though they may have the same diagnosis.  When I think I have it figured out, it evolves again and I scramble to catch up to the new adaptation that I’m seeing. It is almost as if my son’s brain and body can not handle too many things at a time.  We struggle with remembering what he’s supposed to do when he’s toileting.  We struggle to remember what he’s supposed to do when he’s in the shower and when we get these two things under control, we forget social etiquette at school.  I was once told by an older woman when she observed my children and I on a family outing one day, “Just think, as they get older, it gets easier.”  I wish that were true.  I would not be doing a service to parents with children on the spectrum if I didn’t tell them that as they get older you have to contend with so many other things and it gets harder.

I have faith that one day, Autism will be just an underlying part of my son and he will be able to control the stems and the clicks, and the verbal spewing of sounds that flow out of his mouth.  But for today, he is who he is and I’ll just continue to run to catch up.


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