Single Mom Sick Day

Today is a sick day for me.  No, no, I’m not sick.  Child A has a tummy problem.  So as I sit here and think, it’s rare that this mom has a sick day.  I have enjoyed nuzzling with my boy and talking to him about what’s on his mind and hearing what he has to say about school and girls (of all things).  When you’re a single parent with more than one child it is difficult to have quality time with each one unless you schedule, or at least that’s the way it goes in my world.  So what does a mom do on a sick day?  Laundry, dishes, cleaning up the strewn toys.  Sick days slow us down.  It forces us to look around at the things that have not been done, the loose ends that need to be tied up, and forces us to face the realities that are realities in our world.  We are alone, we have no one to fall back on, and it’s just us at the end of the day.  Even when we have a co-parent that’s involved, only one parent is responsible for the children, the parent that they live with.  I would love to say that things were not as bleak as they sound, but single parenting is single parenting.  There is no rosy picture.  There are days when you are so exhausted from trying to make money, trying to keep it together, and be there for your children, that you get some things done and some things fall by the wayside.  The things that used to matter no longer matter like having toys in order, having your cabinets just so and making sure that the towels match the shower curtain.  Those things become unimportant at a certain point in time.  Then add into it disabilities and mental health disorders to see that there are things in life that you have to contend with such as reading comprehension and self-help skills that other parents don’t have to contend with as much as others.

So today is a sick day, I can decompress and take a moment with the boy and remember that sometimes we need to slow down.  Sometimes we need to take a moment and stop and smell the roses.  But we also need to stop and clean up the mess that has been made since the last holiday, sick day, or etc.  I’m going to end this post and go and find out what my guy is wanting for lunch now that his appetite is back.  Happy Friday y’all!  See you on Monday!



2 thoughts on “Single Mom Sick Day

  1. I have to admit, I love a forced decompress day, too when he is sick. Sit on the couch, watch his favorite movies, and know that I am meeting his needs just by holding him. Heaven on earth.

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