Some Lessons…..

Come in all shapes and sizes.  I have had my share of life lessons in the past two years.  I have had life lessons that have blamed me for the bad choices that they have made, I have had life lessons that have driven me crazy because they were lessons that I needed to learn, and I have life lessons that I have learned from my children such as letting it go.  It is amazing that children forget the thing that got them in trouble five minutes ago and adults hold on to it instead of moving on.  Hum…wonder why that is?  I am writing this post because I felt that these are words that I need to share today.

In life lately, I have noticed that some people think that it’s easy to have a scapegoat.  I do admit that I make my share of bad choices sometimes, but for the most part, I try to live my life so that my children will be proud.  On the other hand, there are people in this world that make boneheaded decisions and want to point the finger for their decision at someone else that may or may not be the victim in their madness.  I read on Facebook last night that “Some people create their own storms and get mad when it rains.”  It goes back to the question, how many times will bump your head on the door frame before you remember to duck?  How many times do you go through the same stress before you admit that your method does not work?  How many times are you going to play the victim in your own mellow drama before you realize that you are too old for that crap?  These are the questions that I find myself asking people now.  Life is too short for childish games.  I keep repeating it to myself for the simple fact that I now know myself better than I did last year at this time and the year before.

This is a brief post today just to say those words.  Sometimes you have to stop behaving like a teenage girl or boy to be successful in life and it no one else’s fault that you aren’t a success.  You have to accept that once you hit 25, excuses run out for the many things that you do.  What things am I referencing, cheating, lying, stealing, or just being a plain idiot.  Life is far too short.  So for those that read this today, pass it on.  I am sure going to save this post for my daughter because I feel that these are words that she is going to need to hear one day.



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