Autism and Snow Days Suck

The combination of Autism and a snow day is like a combination of the plague and tuberculosis wrapped up in a little strep throat.  It is a draining experience to not only find things to entertain the children, but to tell them the importance of not trying to lick the snow through the window.  “Sweetheart, it doesn’t work that way.  You can’t catch the snow with your tongue by licking the window.”  Is not a sentence that I thought I would ever utter by the way.  Days like the past three days, I am the prey and my children are the wild animals that can not get out and move the way that they wish to.

Snow days for children like mine throw everything out of whack.  So this is going to be a short post today because my children are insisting that we get outside.  For those that know what it is like to parent children that need the consistency of their school schedules and even when school is out for the summer, it takes them months to regulate and get used to a new schedule before their school schedule begins again and they have to adjust, you know that the important part of snow days is to make it fun with some activities, scale back when they need a break, and take them outside to feel the coldness of the air and the snow in their hands.  Hoping that you all are staying warm and safe!  Now enjoy a photo of my little ones as the snow began.



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