All Parents Are Strong Parents

So yesterday I bumped into two teachers at Starbucks doing their lesson planning together.  Both are Fourth Grade Teachers and we began to chat about life and education.  We continued to talk and they asked me about my kids.  I then told them that I have a daughter with a mood disorder, a son on the autism spectrum mild to moderate, and my youngest daughter has an Asperger’s diagnosis.  Their mouths dropped and one of them said “And you’re in school, you are a strong woman.”  I had planned to write today about parenting a different way from everyone else.  So this was a great opportunity to tell them what I thought.  So here goes.

All moms are strong.  You have to be.  No matter what the breakdown of your family may be, you have to be a strong person to raise productive children.  You have to be a strong person to ensure that your children stay out of jail and off the pole (stripping for those that don’t know that phrase).  Our children are going to grow and evolve and the person that we are in front of them is going to be the person that they behave like in their adult lives.  Sometimes they turn out a different way, but that’s fine, you do the best you can.  Be proud of the parent you are.

I know that I’m a strong mom.  I know I’m a good mom.  My children are alive, thriving, and doing well.  They are pleasant, loving, and they have good manners.  It is difficult being their only everyday parent, but we make it work.  We do what we have to do and we have fun doing it.  My children are my beacons.  They sometimes guide me when I have one plan, they have another, and it’s usually a plan that I can get behind.  Children are children and they often teach us lessons and my children teach me a lesson everyday.

So when I hear that I’m a strong woman, I just have to say that I’m strong because I have to be.  I’m strong because I’m a parent.  Any person in my shoes would do what I have done to ensure that my children are successful, even if it means sacrificing.  That’s what a strong parent does.  Every parent is a strong parent.


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