Autism Study Notebook

Preparations for studying with my son for test is often a chore.  I get the notes emailed to me as one of his accommodations, I then writing note cards and sometimes make practice test.  If you are like me, you find yourself hating notecards.  There are times when you just can’t make up ten to twenty note cards.  I have come up with a saving grace for myself and I’m hoping that this will help you.  It is what I call the Autism Study Notebook.  If your child is mainstreamed, this will save you hours of writing.

You will need the following:

  • 1 or 2 compositions notebooks.  I find these at Wal-Mart for under a dollar sometimes.
  • 2 to 4 glue sticks (Rose Art or Elmer’s)
  • White printing paper and access to a printer
  • scissors
  • a highlighter

photo 2

The pages can be lined or unlined as seen below.

This is the Moleskin Notebook that comes in a package of three and the cover can be easily decorated to fit your child’s personal interest.  You can find these in many stores such as Target and Barnes and Noble, but they are sometimes on sale at

photo 1

photo 2

Or they Lined Composition notebook.

photo 2

Now that you know which notebook you are using, you can print headings for your pages such as Mom’s Notes, Mom’s Page, Important News, and my favorite, Study Notebook Rules.  Cut them to the size that you want and if your child likes to draw like mine, it is important to put the rule in about not drawing in the notebook so they can’t argue that you didn’t tell them.  You know what you want to go on the main pages, now the work begins.  Start attaching the items to the pages.  This means you will have to count how many pages you will need in the front before you start to add notes.  Now included with my son’s notes is always an estimated date for the test, so this is important information to keep in mind when you are adding news to this notebook.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

It is important to use a glue stick because the glue dries faster.  Once you have started gluing the pages, keep it away from your child for at least an hour.  If you have notes already, attach those notes to the notebook so that your child can begin using it as soon as it’s ready.  On the front of the notebook you should include your child’s name, grade, and the purpose of the notebook.

photo 4

Present it to your child and explain that this will replace their note cards and go through it one or two times with them so that he or she understands.  Happy Studying!


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