As 2013 Comes to a Close…….Choose Joy in 2014

This year has been full of twist and turns.  I am thankful that you are reading this on my 34th birthday.  I ended last year with photos from 2012 but this year, I am trying something different, I am ending the year with words and a preview of what to expect for next year.  I have grown this year.  It has been unexpected growth and I realize that I know myself better today than I did six months ago.  The coming year, I plan to hone in on the things that have helped me, the things that have made this journey with my children easier, take the funny moments and create lasting memories, and lastly take my single parent lifestyle and turn all of those things into, I don’t want to say lessons, but a sharing experience for all to enjoy and take kernels from.

Allowing myself to be more open and enjoy myself has been part of my journey.  Nothing like a good laugh.  So these are the things that you can look forward to in 2014 from

  1. Sharing of great books.– I love to read and I read some pretty awesome selections, I hope that you will read them as well.
  2. Sharing of great meals.– One thing I have learned over time, I’m a great eater!  I love to eat and will share where I get great meals at especially on my journey’s.
  3. Sharing more of my personal photography.– I have loved photography since I worked at Wolf Camera in 1998 and one of my first photos was blown up and put on their walls.  I love the thought of creation.
  4. Sharing effective apps.– I will share the ones that work for me and the ones that don’t and why they are important.
  5. Wordless Wednesday.– W.O.W. will be replaced this year.  Fewer words the better right.
  6. Sharing how I take pennies and make them stretch.– Single parents weave magic.  I’ll share some of my spells.

2014 is about exploration, I have learned in 2013 that the books that I have read, the places I have traveled have opened my eyes to who I am more and more.  The coming year is also about joy and faith.  It is about the little things we often take for granted.  My kids are constant blog fodder, heck, my life is constant blog fodder.  You will see less and less of my post about the non-profits that I rally for and more about how to enjoy life when faced with challenges.  You can still find joy through it all.  This is sorely lacking in our society.  On January 1, I will welcome joy, honesty, and peace into the New Year and share my honest journey with each one of you.  Blessings to you and I wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year and I look forward to moving forward with you in 2014.


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