Anxiety- Sometimes You Just Need to Stop and Get a Cupcake.

Sometimes you just need to stop and get a cupcake!

Sometimes you just need to stop and get a cupcake!

Thursday, I sat in a Student Success session about stress and anxiety.  Adults have a lot of demands on their shoulders.  Kids, work, money, school, bills, and relationships just to name a few.  Trying to balance it all can be difficult and can add more anxiety to the situation because we are trying harder than ever to make sure that we balance all the things that need to be balanced.  Anxiety is a separated item from stress.  Stress, good or bad, is created which causes anxiety.  It is what we do when we are under this pressure that changes the dynamic for us and how our bodies react to the stressors that cause us the anxiety.  I have several things that I do that make things better for me.  In February, I had a period where I felt as though I was going to break down (Hanging up the Cape is Hard to Do) and these things became important to me.

1. Working out is better than you think.  I would hit the pavement and just walk/run and get away.

2. Yoga is awesome.  The physical part of yoga helps you concentrated on something other than your problem.  You concentrate on making sure you don’t fall.

3. Meditating will help.  Taking a moment to find your quiet and find your center is a necessity.  Quiet your mind while practicing a Yoga pose like standing on one foot.

4. Life is too short.  Enjoy what you can while you can.  Take a breather and step away from your book and do something fun.  It does not have to cost money.  You can hang out with your kids at the park, you can go and get a coffee at Starbucks, or just take a moment to get out and feel the sunshine on your face.

5.  Take a series of deep breaths and just let it escape your body.

These are not going to solve all of the anxiety that you feel, but these are just a few things that you can use to help.


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