Balancing Act

scalesIf you have looked at an old-fashioned scale, you know the one that looks like a teeter totter, you will see you have to have the proper amount of weight on each side for the scale to balance.  This to many is called a Balancing Act.  My life is a constant balancing act.  This year, I have discovered how much there is to balance.  I am the parent of three, a college student, I work part-time, and to that equation, I have added a boyfriend with four children of his own, a second part-time job and being accepted into the degree program that I applied for.  This summer has been a whirl wind and it has moved quickly.  Last month it seems like the first week of school would not arrive any time soon and yet, here it is.

When balancing a life like mine, you have to know what to let go of.  In my life, that is difficult.  It is hard to pick and choose what to say good-bye to.  This year I have said good-bye to friends.  I have said good-bye to opportunities to travel and I have silenced my life.  It is hard to explain to people what that means, but it means that my phone conversations are shorter and fewer, I do not go out to lunch and dinners like I used to, and lastly, I have begun a new chapter in my life where I do not need as much movement and escape as I once did.  I have found happiness in the simple things in my life and that is the first way to find the balance that you need.

The other way that I have found the balance that I need is by quieting the noise around me.  My friendship circle has shrunk.  I am one of those people who I found that I was a better friend to some than they were to me and as a result, I have chosen that I am more important than a one-sided relationship.  I life my life in a way that say’s I’m here for you and that you are worthy of my friendship and I will be there for you while other people say, I’m there for you when it is good for me.  This mindset  is not good in friendships or relationships.

Balancing everything sometimes makes me feel like I should have been a waitress because I often have a number of things on my serving tray that I did not expect to be there.  Some people call me a Super Mom, I don’t think that it’s so much that, I feel like I am a woman who has to do what is necessary in order for me to get through and get by.  Wouldn’t you do what you had to do to get through or get by?  Balancing is as easy or as hard as you choose to make it.  If you are negative about it, it will be torture, but if you walk into it with an open mind, you will do fine.  I try to keep an open mind no matter what situation I walk into.


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