An Unconventional Way to Communicate

This summer has been full of adventure and communication.  For any parent that has a child with Autism, they know how important positive communication is for their child and others like him or her.  My son who is nine and my daughter who is seven are different when it comes to communicating.  My son has a catalog of scripted conversations where as my daughter is always thinking and words are always flowing from her mouth.  My son processes slower then my daughter.  He’s mild to moderate, she is classified as high-functioning.  So as part of our summer, we have been working on getting him to the point where he has spontaneous conversations with others and it has not worked.  Until one day, I put a cell phone in his hands.


My son was handed a red cell phone one afternoon.  He began by asking me to put in the phone numbers of family members that he could text.  Then he began simple conversations such as Hi.  Then continuing to asking questions like “what are you doing?”, “what are you having for dinner?”, or “Can I come and visit?”.  He would continue the conversation back and forth without dropping it and without going into one of his scripted fall backs.  My son was communicating and still uses his cell phone to communicate to this day.  We tried taking his phone and having the same conversations, but they do not flow as quickly as they do in writing.

I love that technology has opened a door for my son to communicate with me and I with him in an honest and pure manner.  If you think that your child can communicate with you in the same way, I say go for it.


5 thoughts on “An Unconventional Way to Communicate

  1. I think this is great! Use every resource you can to make things work. Not everyone will agree but not everyone’s parenting style is the same .. Especially those parents of special needs children!!!

    • I agree. I know what child I have. He’s nine years old and we have tried for years to find a way for him to have reciprocal conversation and those modes have not worked. This works for him and he is comfortable with it and a bit saucy in his conversations. Lol.

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