Saving the World One Card at a Time Contest

For those of you that are into Social Good, have you ever thought about the announcements that you send, baby, graduate, and even birthday invites?  Do you know the carbon footprint of the items you buy?  Would Hallmark plant a tree for your purchase?  Of course not, however, Paper Culture will.  Paper Culture is a modern and unique company that focuses on its commitment to the environment.


Paper Culture is a business that not only provides quality materials, but they also will plant a tree once you order.  The cards and envelopes are made of 100% recycled paper which means that no trees are cut down to produce your order.  The great part other than the tree and the recycled materials is that they offset their carbon footprint.  Paper Culture uses 130 lb. 17 pt. paper where other companies use 110 lb. paper that is 13-15 pts thick.  Also for the busy mom or dad, Paper Culture will message, address, and mail your cards for free.  Your cost is just the cost of the stamp.  All cards and labels have well rounded corners and they have thousands of modern designs.  And how many companies will say that if you are not happy, you have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  Paper Culture had been featured in Real Simple, People, and Martha Stewart and their products have been used by Jewel, Toby Maguire, and Kerri Walsh.

So Paper Culture has donated a $25 gift voucher to LKFOA.  So in tying to the gift theme, leave me a comment telling me your most memorable gift whether in childhood or now as an adult.  Contest ends at Midnight on May 30th!


6 thoughts on “Saving the World One Card at a Time Contest

  1. One of my most memorable gifts was an acoustic guitar that I got from my dad as an adult (in my 30s). I told him that I always wanted to learn to play, so he bought me one for Christmas.

  2. My most memorable gift was a brand new, shiny, red Schwinn 2-wheeler bike, which I got for my 6th birthday. Took me until I was 7 or 8 to be able to ride it without the training wheels though!

  3. I went to sleep on Christmas Eve in a newly painted bedroom that made my existing furniture look pretty ordinary. I woke up Christmas morning to new a new dresser, new chest of drawers, lace doilies and bone china ornaments, and a white, pink and purple chenille bedspread (this was the 70s). Still don’t know how my parents managed it. But it’s definitely a LKFOA. J

    • Well we now know that parents come with the ability to be super stealth when they need to!

  4. My SIL won a real pair of pearls but gave them to me for Christmas. She doesn’t have a lot of money but she wanted to get me something nice. She is awesome and I will always treasure this gift!

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