Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Why Advocate?

People often ask me why do you do this, why do you keep going, why do you push for equality, why do you advocate?  Usually I give a generic answer, but today, after thinking hard, I have a more concrete answer and that answer with one word, change.  People like me are change agents.  We see an injustice and we go for it like a pit bull going after a rib eye steak.  We are in fact our brother’s keepers.  No one in a developed country such as the United States of America should have to suffer.  No one should go hungry, go without health care, or be homeless.  No one should be denied the right to marry the person that they love no matter how you feel about it, you know this is true.  No one should be told that they should not be allowed to have healthcare just because it doesn’t fit the current agenda of the current administration of your state because they are constantly biting off their noses to spite their face where the Federal Government is concerned.  We all need to be the change that we want to see in the world.  This is not a Dem issue, it is not a Repub issue, it is a human issue.  If you can look a child in their face and tell them that I was right to say that healthcare was a bad idea when their mother or father died because they didn’t have healthcare to get necessary cancer treatment, not only are you a cold fish, (would love to call you something else), but you have no empathy and you are not the change that we want to see in our world.

As we evolve and move through life, we have decisions to make.  I began to notice around 2008 how selfish we became.  We were so worried about what was going to happen to me, what was going to happen to my money, as opposed to, what is going to happen to the family next door as well as myself.  We began to see people pop out of the wood work that really instilled fear into the American people who wanted to believe the worst case scenario, what I like to call the Doomsday Principle.  Yet, people still play on the fear of humanity.  They do not want to look at the good things that people do on a daily basis.  They do not think about the goodness in human beings.  People that think this way are labeled as moochers, liberal, and other.  Instead of saying that they are, we are advocates.  We believe in the good in the world, we believe in what people can do, and as an advocate, we know what happens when you given people a hand up, they give a hand up, and continue to give a hand up.  This is not called a hand out as it has been described by many.

Courtesy of encourageyourspouse.com.

Courtesy of encourageyourspouse.com.

This is what I will say.  Many people who judge social programs, they have never been touched directly by social programs.  They have never needed SNAP benefits, they have never eaten off of one dollar a day, they have never needed Medicaid benefits to pay for a child’s care that is special needs.  These are people who pass judgement because not everyone is college material, not everyone comes from a supportive family, and not everyone can go into politics and make six figures a year.  These are middle class, working poor, and poor people who are more appreciative than you know.  When you look at your perspective, are you a part of the solution or are you part of the problem.  The solution is advocating, speaking up and telling people to walk a day in another person’s shoes, or being there for a person that is walking through fire to get out on the other side.  The problem, saying that people that are less fortunate are less than, that they are moochers, that they are a sucking up entitlements, or the worst that I have heard, these people are the reason our country is in the shape that it is in.  Be part of the solution, not part of the problem, why, because you never know when you may need those “entitlements” that you state that people constantly take advantage of.

So why do I advocate, because there are people like me that have less that I do, they need my voice.  The top 1% pay people to advocate for them, the 99% do not.  Someone has to speak up for those that can not speak up for and often do not know how to speak up for themselves.  This is my reasoning for advocating.  We are not a self-preservation society, that is not how it has been done in our past and it should not be the way that it’s done in our future.


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