Shot@Life Champion Spotlight: Ellen Marshall

Vaccines are something that we in the US have the opportunity to take advantage of.  I am a parent with children with autism that believes in vaccinations because the symptoms and side effects of many diseases far out weight what may happen if I decide to vaccinate.  Since I learned about Shot@Life last year, I have been on board with their mission.  I believe that every child deserves a Shot at living.  The mission in three words: Vaccines Save Lives.  This week is World Immunization Week and so it is with great joy that I say Happy Birthday Shot@Life.  I am proud to say that I’m a Shot@Life Champion and continue to spread the word about the importance of vaccinating against vaccine preventable diseases.

Many of my friends are not old enough to know what the symptoms of measles, mumps, or polio look like.  We do not know what is like to have a devastating disease such as these that could have been prevented by a shot.  There are families in developing countries that know first hand how these diseases as well as many other vaccine preventable diseases can ravage their homes, towns, and villages and take their children before they have a chance to grow.  It is our mission as champions to raise awareness about vaccines, vaccine safety, and the importance of protecting our children as well as other children.  Germ warfare is just a plane ride away.

Today, though instead of writing about my journey with Shot@Life, I am writing about a person that I am proud to call my friend, Ellen Marshall from Chicago, Illinois.


Ellen Marshall (left) and Cindy Levin with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. (Photo provided by Cindy Levin.)

 How did you hear about Shot@Life? 

Cindy Levin invited me to a local Shot@Life Oscar party last year and it was both informative & fun, so I sort of got sucked in.

 Why did you get involved?

I was already a RESULTS partner here in the Chicago area and was very aware of global health issues, so this seemed like a natural fit. At the time I got involved, my daughter was getting ready to start kindergarten, and part of that process involved making sure she had her immunizations up to date. As a Mom, I have never given a second thought to having access to medical care for my daughter and making sure she is vaccinated, and I wish ALL mothers around the world had the same opportunity. It was really a no-brainer for me!

What have you done over the past year to help spread the word about Shot@Life and the importance of expanding access to global vaccines?

I’ve participated in events and I’ve also gotten to do lobbying in-district with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and former Congressman Dold. I’ve also lobbied on Capitol Hill as part of the Shot@Life Champions Summit this past February.

What’s your favorite birthday tradition?

I’m not gonna lie, it’s cake and presents!

What milestones did you experience with Shot@Life during their first year?

I got to participate in the 5th birthday campaign and was very honored and excited to be invited to the recent Champions Summit . It’s also been really exciting to see what’s happening on the Shot@Life Champions group page on Facebook, and of course, helping to celebrate this big 1 year milestone!

Anything you wish to add!?

I am constantly impressed with what all of the Shot@Life champions and staff are doing. We have such an amazing group of people (some of whom have become good friends) and I’m really proud to be part of this organization!


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