World Book Night 2013

Hi res WBN logo 2013


There is something inherently awesome about opening up a new book, feeling the pages beneath your fingers, and knowing that book belongs to you.  You begin to read the words, you begin to imagine the story, and you are hooked.  The title has you in the store, on Amazon, in the blog, article, or review that you read that draws you to it.  This is how I feel when I pick a title that I wish to read.  There is just something about diving into a story and reading and imaging what the characters look like and sound like.  Since I was a child, I have enjoyed a great title so it is to no surprise that I applied and was as a World Book Night Giver.

World Book Night is where half a million books are given in more than five thousand towns across the United States of America.  The mission is to provide light or non readers with a book so that they can enjoy my love of reading.

So today, it was wonderful to see the smiles that I was given as I handed out copies of “The Alchemist”  by Paulo Coelho.  It was originally published in 1988 in Portuguese and then published for the first time in English in 1993.  The story of a Shepard’s that take journey, chance meetings, and lessons that change the trajectory of his life.  As people we take journey’s, we learn lessons, we have chance meetings with people who help us get to where we need to be.  It is amazing how much this book touches you and makes you think of your life, be it college student, parent, or every day person in a different way.  To everyone that received a book today, enjoy.  I hope you feel the same joy reading this book as I did.

As the night drew to a close, I felt a sense of accomplishment for having given out all of my books, but also a sense of sorrow because my books were gone.  As I came home to download my photos and got a look at the men and women that were overjoyed to get a book, I realized that I had done something awesome and there was no need to feel sorrow.  I feel the same joy that I felt as I handed out each copy just looking at the smiles on my computer.


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