W.O.W. Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Giver- one that gives

I am a giver.  I can say that I would be willing to give the shirt off of my back to a person that needed it.  It is an honor to be a giver and it is an honor to pass this joy on to my children.  There is something amazingly beautiful about giving, even when you don’t have much.  When you give,  you are rewarded for giving unselfishly.  I believe this.  No matter what happens, I have faith that the life that I lead, the heart I have, I will be alright.


So why am I writing this post about being a giver?  I am writing this because I am a World Book Night Giver.  It is an honor and a privilege to pass on a book to a person that may not think about reading the title I have been given to give away.  I am a giver by nature.  The joy of reading is something that I have always fallen back on.  When I’m sad, sick, or just happy to find a good title, I pick it up and read it.  I am a book nerd.  So when I received the email telling me that I was a World Book Night giver, the second annual World Book Night on April 23rd, I jumped for joy.  I get to give a book.  A BOOK!  JOY in writing.

So why is it important to be a giver at all?  Being a giver gives you the chance to touch someone in  a way that they may have never been touched before.  As human beings we are often good at asking for what we want or need and some of us are really good at receiving, but I am a firm believer that it is more important for me to give freely instead of receive freely and this is true for everything thing in life.  Yes, every now and then, the giver needs to be the receiver, but I have found, this if few and far between.  So as embark on the rest of my life, as I embark on this life, I know that no matter what, I am alright because I give.  I give freely of my time, my finances when I can, and of my knowledge.  So my Words of Wisdom for today are give, no matter how small, no matter how big, just give. You could change someone else’s day or life just by your small random act of kindness.


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