W.O.W- Word of Wisdom Wednesday

Silence- absence of sound or noise

Silence is golden.  Sometimes we need a little bit of silence to be able to hear our own selves think.  I am a believer that when we are silent, this is when we have the most intimate conversations with ourselves.  This is the time that we can still our minds, our bodies, and our spirits long enough to have revelations.  Many say that when we are silent, this is when God can talk with us.  I believe this.

Sometimes, I sit here in my home when my children are in school and do nothing, say nothing, I am just here.  It gives me the opportunity to center myself.  Centering yourself is necessary in today’s society.  With cell phones ringing, emails coming in, and work calling, we do not get that moment to take a moment and center ourselves.  We must calm our minds, quiet our thoughts, sit in silence in order to calm ourselves.  

My advice is to find a way to center yourself, to calm your mind, to sit in silence.  It’s nothing profound, just something that I think we need in today’s society.


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