W.O.W (Words of Wisdom) Wednesday

Today as I was driving to Columbia South Carolina for Disability Advocacy Day, I began to think about the current state of our country.  I am an American Citizen that has voted in every election since 1998.  I feel that voting is not only a right of passage, but it is also a necessity in our democracy.  I have encouraged my children that when they turn 18 to register to vote immediately.  Today’s Wisdom has more to do with the current state of our Congress and the American people that vote for them.

Congress is made up of men and women from all over the United States.  They run for election, drop serious cash, and get elected.  They make it to Capital Hill and they act more like pre-teens than they act like adults.  They act like spoiled children fighting for the last cookie in the cookie jar.  Instead of our American Citizens letting them know that their lives and situations are more important than their Congressional Leaders personal agenda, they keep quiet and react when things affect them.  If they are not turning a blind eye, they are believing the red herrings (something that distracts attention from the real issue) that are thrown their way.  Paging the Beyonce Lip syncing incident!

So what are we to do as American citizens?  We need to take a careful look at what is going on in our country.  While we are so quick to blame the President, we don’t realize that Congress has power to change things.  When our groceries are going up because gas is so high, when our taxes as middle class American’s and poor American’s go up, the President is not to blame, Congress is for their lack of action i.e. the payroll tax.  There is only so much that the President can do through executive order and changes the subsidies given to big oil is not one of them.

Yet, I digress, we as a Nation are facing the monumental task of sliding back deeper into the recession.  We as people, humans, need to stop and take inventory of what the current political climate is doing to our lives.  Take inventory of the things that have changed and continue to change.  Then contact your Congressional leader and tell them that you are suffering.  We all don’t make six figures or more.  We have to speak up and protect ourselves.  This is a call to action mixed in with my words of wisdom! 


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