W.O.W. Words of Wisdom Wednesday

So sitting here in the waiting room of the local hospital and thought that I needed to post some words of wisdom today.  As we face sequestration, we as American citizens, rather some of us, base our decisions on one thing, FEAR.  Fear is a four letter word.  It is a word that has little meaning unless you give into the emotions that accompany fear.  I for one feel that I am fearless.  I only fear GOD.  He has ultimate control over my life.  No man, elected or not, has control over me.  I do not fear what they do in Washington, DC.  The ripple effects that people will feel from sequestration, it will be felt hard by many, hard enough to make Congress Act.  They are not proactive now, they are reactive.  They are waiting on the American people to tell them that they are tired before they make a move and much like Middle School, they wish to point the finger at the other party and say “But it wasn’t me, it was them”.  Know that they fear us, especially when we go into the voting booth.

Right now, our nation is in Fight or Flight Mode.  We as American’s know what we are told in the media.  We know the spin that is placed on things on a regular basis.  What we do not factor in is that at the end of the day, we have to trust our gut and not let fear win.  So in the coming days and weeks, don’t fear your elected officials.  Reach out to them.  Tell them to stop working on their own agenda and start supporting the people of the United States!

Remember, FEAR is a four letter word that you should not let control your life.


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