Hanging up the Cape is Hard to Do

I have come to realize that hanging up the SuperMom Cape is hard to do.  I book and I book and I schedule and I schedule and I sometimes realize that I am a whirlwind whizzing in and out of locations.  This weekend, I got to spend unfettered time with my children.  My phones were on vibrate, we ran errands, we laughed, we played with the camera, and they talked me to pieces.  Sometimes, when you hang up that cape, the golden moments that are made are well worth it.  My cape, I hung up for two days, and I think it was well worth it even though we grocery shopped, had to go and get tires on the car, and did other mindless errands such as getting the medications from the drug store.

Courtesy of kirstikoo.blogspot.com.

Courtesy of kirstikoo.blogspot.com.

As a mom, we often do not think of the things we do in the course of a week.  As a special needs mom, we just muddle through and pray to get through the day without incident.  We as moms never take that moment to take a break and smell the roses and watch the amazing wonder of our kids riding their bikes or laughing at a funny elephant joke.  We spend so much time trying hard to be the parent we think our kids need, the parent we never had, or be less like the parent that we did have, that we miss the boat and realize that we over schedule ourselves and our kids, we over do it often and when we crack, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  I am a living breathing walking example of this.  I, a month ago, had a moment where everything, EVERYTHING, irritated me.  I realized then I had ten things on my plate of many that needed to go.  Now it pained me to drop them, but I did.  I began to realize that I spent so much time advocating for others and didn’t advocate for myself until I was too tired to even sometimes speak let alone breath.  When we as parents get that tired, we need to stop, breath, and do what we need for ourselves because when we go down, who will be at the helm?

Some people ask me why do I continue to advocate?  Why do you continue your volunteer work?  Because I feel that I was given this life, I was given my children for a reason.  I was given this voice, this time in my life because God has a bigger plan for me.  I go in the direction that he sends me.  Sometimes I am tired, but I still raise my voice for others and feel that I will until the day that I die.  So that is why I continue to plug away and refuse to hang up my cape.  So when I have to, I hang up my cape.  I put it on the hook, in the cleaners, or in the closet and I enjoy the life that I have.  Sometimes mom’s and dad’s, we have to do this to stay sane.  We have to do this to keep it together.  Life is much different from when our parents were parenting.  We as children had extended family that often helped with out care and would help our parents out when they needed that moment.  Many of us do not have this for our children.  Many of us, like myself, have our children 98% of the time so we have to take those moments to pull it back together and refresh ourselves.  Recently, it was the Shot@Life Summit where I was able to refresh.

Never fear hanging up your cape.  You are not showing weakness, you are showing that you are human.  You are showing that even Superman had to take a break sometimes.  Superwomen have to take a break as well.  Now, it’s Sunday night, Monday morning means the cape is back on so I can take on the world again!


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