Looking at the Bright Side of Things…..

Well, I haven’t posted since the 2nd.  It has been crazy in my world.  For those that know me personally, you know this.  So I have been sitting here in my room since I got home on this cold, rainy, gloomy day thinking of what I would write.  To say the least, I have started FIVE blog post and this one I feel is needed.  I vowed to myself this year that I would be more positive.  I have to admit, life has happened and I have gotten derailed just a little bit.  So I am  sitting down to make a list of things that I am looking forward to this year.

1.  Shot@Life Champion Summit in February.  

ImageI love any opportunity that I can have to take part in greatness and Shot@Life is greatness.  Children deserve a Shot at Living to graduate from high school, dance at their weddings, and have children of their own.  Shot@Life is and has been instrumental in making sure that his happens in developing countries.

2.  Finishing my Semester with passing grades.  Self explanatory.

3.  Results IC in the Summer.

ImageHoping to walk/run another 5K with a great group of folks.

4.  Spring Sunshine!

ImageI adore the Carolina Sunshine in the Spring and the warm breezes.  

5.  Mom Congress and Georgetown Cupcakes!!

ImageThough I should have posted a pic of the wonderful ladies of Mom Congress, I love the cupcake photo.  It is a sight to behold.

6.  Summer vacation with the kids.  Of course I never share photos of my kids on my blog because I respect their right to privacy and they have warned me not to, but they get to go swimming at Leroy Springs Recreational Complex this year!

7.  (Praying) To enter my program in the Fall at Central Piedmont Community College!  I’ve worked hard to this point and have a 3.15 GPA.

8.  School starting back.  Nothing like the smell of sharpened pencils.

9.  The Fall!  Nothing like Carolina in the Fall.

10.  Last, but should have been Number 1, My Birthday Cruise.  Yes, finally I am going!  Carnival Here I come.

There comes a time when you have to let go and look at the bright side of things.  I realized recently that I am pulled too thin in some areas and I let my overdrive to be the best, to be super mom, to be everything to everyone drown my ambitions to be happy.  Though I have participated in some worth while things, I have done some wonderful things, some of those things I have said Good bye to just recently.  I’m sad, but I have to do what I have to do.  I will forever be grateful for the experiences that I have had.  With that being said, it is 2013 and my blog will forever be about what I think is pressing to know, but I am going to post some things about the brighter side of life.  I will always post about what is relevant for I know that my life experiences are needed.  God would not have given me the lesson to learn how to fish to not teach someone else to fish for themselves.

Looking on the bright side, I am alive, I am losing weight, I have three beautiful loving children, and though I may not have all the money in the world, I have love from my family and friends who really care about me and care enough for me to say “It’s okay to say no.”

Until next time!!!!  Stay warm, dry, and safe y’all! 






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