Sorrow for Sandy Hook Elementary


There is no way to understand why these lives were taken.  In the weeks, days, months, and years we will hear about this school.  We will hear about what we can do to keep our children safe.  We will hear conversations about gun control, mental illness,  and about God lacking from school.  As I have driven through my town since Friday going through the process of preparing myself and my home for Christmas, it pains me to know that there are families that instead of picking out presents, they are picking out caskets and suits and dresses.  The flags around our nation fly at half staff for these lives that were lost in such a senseless manner.

As a parent, I can not fathom losing my children.  I can not fathom burying them and I can not imagine the pain that the parents and families of those lost during the Sandy Hook shooting are feeling at this moment.  Those of us, all of us, that are left behind reeling from the gun man’s actions will have to work through our anxiety, our anger, our sorrow, and our pain.  We have to put behind us our differences and realize that this town, it could have been our town.  These children, they could have been our children.  The word that comes to mind is EMPATHY.

Those of us left behind  will never understand why.  We only know the how and the when.  We only know that the children and adults seen above are no longer with us in body, but will forever be with their families in spirit.  As we walk forward, as we see the post that are made on social media, as we see the news pundits make their statements about why, what the cause was, what would make someone break mentally and hurt children, we have to ask ourselves what we as American’s believe in because the bottom line is that this proves that the weakest among us, children, are not even safe in the one place that should be the safest for them in the world, school.

My thoughts and prayer go out to these families.  As I have watched the news and wept for them since Friday, I can only say that these lives touched many lives while they were here and now their lives, their faces, who they were have touched the hearts and minds of millions, especially the teachers that in the face of evil, they still tried to protect their students.  We as parents, no matter what our beliefs are when it comes to the Second Amendment must talk to our children and explain to them the dangers of guns.  We have to start the conversation so that when they are older, the lessons that we teach them now will stick with them.


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