I am……My Breakthrough

I usually do not watch Oprah’s Life Class unless Suze Orman is on because sometimes we all need a financial breakthrough.  Sunday night, there was nothing on television and it was late and I tuned in to OWN.  As it played in the background, one show ended and another show began.  It was Oprah’s Life Class with Pastor Joel Osteen.  It is rare that I peel myself away from what I am doing to listen but this time something that he said stuck out.  He was talking about how we speak about ourselves in terms of “I am”.  It brought me back to a conversation I had just had with my boyfriend about speaking things into existence.  The basis of Pastor Osteen’s message was that when we say I am, what we say comes to us or we speak it into existence.  Talk about an a ha moment because during our conversations we make so many I am statements.

I can sit here and tell you who I am.  I am a mother, I am an advocate, I am a friend, I am daughter, and I am a sister.  These are concrete I am statements.  I can tell you though that as I go through my day, I have a string of I am’s that I utter without a second thought.  Here are my usual I am statements.

I am tired.

I am broke.

I am fat.

I am frustrated.

I am lonely.

I am so lost.

Do you see yourself in my I am statements?  Have you uttered these phrases today?  Let me tell you what I learned!


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          As I sat and listened to Pastor Osteen, listening to the first woman, she touched me because she is where I am in a way.  She was divorced and at one time overweight.  Pastor Osteen told this young woman, “don’t get stuck on one page”.  He went on to say “As long as you have breath, someone needs what you have”.  I face these people everyday.  It get my minds off of my problems just for a little bit to solve their problems and to help that person that does not know where to turn.  At this point in my life, I needed to hear this message.  I needed to hear it so much that I TiVoed it and have played it back over and over again since Sunday night.  It is a message that touches my heart and touches me as a person and touches me to the core of my insecurity.  I always have believed that I am a strong person and that God gives me no more than I can bear.    As I sit now in my home and think about all of my blessings, I have nothing to complain about really.  I have a roof over my head, food on my table, clothes on my back, I have three beautifully wonderfully healthy kids, and I help people day in and day out.

          So my I am’s have to change.  In order for me to realize my greatness everyday my I am’s have to be different.  I am waiting on my second wind, not I am tired.  My bills are paid, I am not wanting for anything, my wants can wait, not I am broke.  I have excess weight on my body but I am a work in progress, not I am fat.  Something happened beyond my control, but I can not be in control of every situation presented to me, sometimes I must wait, not I am frustrated.  I have three beautiful children, I will never be without someone to talk to, not I am lonely.  I once was lost, now I am found, not I am so lost.  My I am’s look much different put in this context.  They seem much brighter.

As I sit here and type this post, I am thankful for all the blessings that God has given me.  I am alive, I am well, I am capable of moving from here to there.  I have my health, my strength, and I am in my right mind.  I think of so many others out there that do not have the blessings that I have.  I have so much when so many have so little.  Pastor Osteen is right, our story is already written.  God knows our beginning, our middle, and our end.  We are created in his image and I know that we are not perfect, we are going to make mistakes and fall short of the glory of God, and we all have to remember “God never promised that we would go through life and not challenges”.  We are presented with challenges everyday and the grace that we exert is the beauty of being human and we can choose to be graceful and as Pastor Osteen states, can not get stuck on one page or one chapter in our lives.  We must choose to push everyday to get out on the other side of the challenge and do something with the challenge that is set before us and let our light shine so that others see that when the going gets tough, we have a choice to be graceful or to wallow in self pity.

I know to some of you that this sounds hard.  Last year when I lost my job, I was stuck on that page that was handed to me and I was so angry.  It took me a year to see that I was giving my power away to someone else and letting them control me.  Still to this day, it angers me, but this person no longer has the power.  When I look at the blessings that have come out of that situation, they are ten times more than the situation that I was in.  God has to move you out of a situation to help you see that the situation is not the situation that you should be in.  I see this now and now I know that I had to turn the page in that chapter of my book and move on.  To many, turning that page is called acceptance.

So today, when you sit down at your desk, in your car, on the phone with your friend, think about your I am statements.  Know that there are several things we all must remember and I remind myself of daily, you can not make someone do what you want them to do, this ends your frustrations.  You can not make someone be what you want them to be.  You can live your life to the best of your potential and take the lessons that you learn in life and teach them to others.  I always say that my children were put on this earth to teach others, I think we all are here to teach someone something.

Today, I am at peace with where I am in life and I can only go up from here.  Blessings to you all!  Namaste!!


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