Educational Variables, Constants, and Expressions

As I sat in math class yesterday morning reviewing variables, constants, and expressions, began to think about variables, constants, and expressions in education.  Follow me on this one.  In South Carolina education is a topic that some people often believe is a waste of tax money.  The thought that education funds are safe and education is adequate is wrong.  Education is not revered as it once was.  Teachers are not protected as they once were.  They are not viewed as they once were.  When education is discussed, parents are the missing link to this discussion and as a result, the education takes a back seat and educators are viewed as the big bad wolf and our children are Little Red Riding Hood.   They are viewed as monsters stealing money and asking like the little orphan Oliver “Please Sir, I want some more”.

In our state, our variable in education is the State Superintendent of Education.  Right now it is Mick Zais, before Mr. Zais, was Jim Rex.  South Carolina is one of a few states where the superintendent of education is elected and not appointed and the state superintendent election is partisan position, not a non-partisan position.  This is a variable in our educational process in South Carolina.  In our state, it based on your party, not on your ability to educate, your ability to make positive change for children, and to make others understand what is going on in the State’s educational process.  Our education system has some of the toughest criteria in the country, yet we spend little money to ensure that our students are educated properly.  These are issues that our State Superintendent should tackle.  We have schools in the I-95 corridor that are subpar and have been subpar for years.



Where there is a variable, there is often a constant.  What is the constant you may ask?  The constant is the consumer of the education system and the educators.  Without educators, the children are not taught, without the parents, the children aren’t in school.  Educators are there to invest in the student and the students are the people that grow up and enter the workforce.  In 2010 2.9% of high school students dropped out.  When it comes down to education, our state and the parents of our state need to realize that if we expect a good return on our investment, we have to invest in our students.  We have to utilize the funds that we have to help our children reach their maximum potential and to go to college without having to repeat remedial courses to get what they didn’t get adequately in high school.


          So you might be asking what is the expression?  It’s simple! 

Image What do you want your ROI to be for your child?


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