Prime Reason to Vaccinate

As a parent that knows that a larger number of parents now more than ever are weighing whether or not to vaccinate their children.  One would think that at this stage in the game this would not be a topic of conversation but it still remains a topic that is discussed in many households in America.  But in developing countries, parents clamor at the chance to get their child the vaccines that they rarely have.  Brings me to my example of the prime reason we should vaccinate our children as well as their peers both here and abroad.

As I sit here in the Atlanta Airport, I just finished watching last week’s, NY Med, a new show that debuted on ABC.  Of course, it is real life situations and real people that allowed a camera crew go through their treatment process.  One story that stuck out was a young guy whom had gone to Las Vegas for his bachelor party, returned home, became ill with these blotches on his skin and he was visibly miserable.  Upon taking his history and talking with his fiancée, it was discovered that this young man’s religion does not believe in vaccines.  He had the measles.  Now why is his story so important, he did what most people do when they are on a trip, he flew to Vegas from New York, that is one plane ride, if he took a connector, another plane ride, and then all the people that he came into contact with in Vegas including strippers for his bachelor party and then his return home could have been two flights plus the 14 guys that went with him that could have families and small children at home including children that are too young to be vaccinated.    Now why is this important, because this is a vaccine preventable disease that could have been prevented and Lord knows how many lives were affected by his outbreak.

Now here’s the deal, in terms of families, we are a Global nation.  We have people coming into out borders everyday and we have people leaving our borders everyday.  This could have been anyone from any country, but it was a man that grew up in New York.  The decisions we make in this life can affect thousands of people.  The conversation that we are having about vaccinating our children and other children should be a non-issue at this point.  I know that some religions do not believe in vaccinations and there is nothing that we can do about that, but we can help those that need the vaccines, want the vaccines, and do not have the options that we have in the USA.  This story about this young man should be a wake up call to others.  We are a global world and we come into contact with people that did the right things, i.e. vaccinations for themselves and their children, and the affects of coming into contact with individuals that are not vaccinated could be catastrophic.  Why you may ask, not everyone is immune to disease that they may have been vaccinated against or they may have a weakened immune system that my affect their ability to fight out what ever it is that an individual fights.

Now back to the guy, he and his fiancée both admitted that this is a good reason to get your children vaccinated.  Yes, if it is in God’s plan for you to come down with the measles, it is in his plan.  No doubt about that, but what I imagine is not in his plan is for children in developing countries to die from diarrhea or whooping cough.  In today’s society, it is left to the parent to make decisions for their child, but it not society’s decision to be affected by or infected by someone that made that decision and has become sick.  It is irresponsible the behavior of some people and the judgment that is passed on parents that believe as I do.  Now with that being said, I am not saying that all parents that do not vaccinate are irresponsible, they are doing what they feel is best for their children, but I feel that if they know that their child is sick, they need to take all precautions to protect everyone else from that child and the same goes for adults.

I know that I’m preaching to the choir.  I know that there are people in my inner circle that do not believe as I do, but I will say this, I could not imagine burying a child.  I could not imagine having a child sick with a disease that could have been prevented.  Why would we, should we, turn a blind eye to parents that are good parents that want their children to become adults.  This is why I support Shot@Life.  This guy’s parents had the option, the availability, and the ability to get him vaccinated and chose not to.  There are others out there in the world that do not have that option and need our help.  So do me a solid.  Go to and give $5.  Get their address and mail them a check for $3.  Save your spare change and cash it in and donate it to them.  By all means, these individuals need our help and this is as big of a global issue as a natural disaster.  That’s all!


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